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Charity Fashion Show

December 14, 2011 | 6-9pm

Presented by Kara Bazma & Lisbeth Photography
a Fashionable Events Production for Extra Hand Foundation
at the Hyatt - Downtown.

The Princess Project was created by Kara Bazma to create custom made dresses for little girls in homeless/rescue shelters.

Be a part of something special and magical by supporting this cause that will create Princess dresses for little girls who are in a situation where they may have lost some hope. Proceeds from ticket sales will go toward purchasing fabric for volunteer seamstresses to make the dresses.

Learn more about this event under the events section and learn more about the Princess Project in the about us section.

The event will include a Fashion show of couture and princess inspired designs, Princess pre-show activities and princess themed entertainment. We have some great sponsors lining up for Gift Bags and Raffle Prize drawings.

The Princess Project Event will captivate audiences of all ages!

The spokesperson for the event is Mrs. Kelly Pickens, Mrs. Jacksonville 2011

Think globally, Fashion locally!

Update: 15-Dec-2011

The event was a magical moment for all involved. Pics and Video will be posted on the site as soon as they are processed.

We would like to thank the following people:

The People who created designed and sewed the princess dresses:
  • Danielle - Designer
  • Leather - Designer
  • Beverly - Designer
  • Lisa - Designer
  • Brandon - designer
  • Alla - seamstress

The people who made the Princess event magical:
  • Javan Reed - Master of Ceremony
  • Mrs. Pickens - Mrs Jacksonville 2011 - Spokesperson
  • Marla - Teen pageant queen - Spokesperson
  • Faythe Mesic and her team of professional hair and makeup staff, Hillary Warren - Hair/Makeup
  • Alexandra and her team of nail techs - Nails
  • Lisbeth Photography and staff - photography
  • Mark - Video production
  • The "I am Brave" models - Entertainment
  • Gabriel 'The Storm' - Entertainment
  • Hyatt Downtown - Beautiful venue
  • Our Princess Models and Moms

The Sponsors:
  • Jimerson & Cobb Law Firm - Corporate Sponsor
  • Hooshang Oriental Rug (Avondale) - Corporate Sponsor
  • The Colomer Group - Gift Bag Sponsor
  • Sandra Alford - Raffle Sponsor
  • PF Changes - Raffle Sponsor
  • Artist Designs by Dierdre - Raffle Sponsor
  • River City Gourmet - Raffle Sponsor

Our guests of honor from Trinity Rescue:
  • Ja'Kalya - 3 years old
  • Ja'Miah - 5 years old
  • Tamesia - Mom
The Princess Project (c) 2011